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Leadership, coaching and managing

The Knowledge Project Podcast Shane Parish with Michael Lombardi, former general manger of the Cleveland Browns and coach of the New England Patriots. It’s a really dense podcast and you find yourself having to pause just to absorb some of the sentences because they are so packed with wisdom.

Four key aspects of leadership

1. Have a plan – have beliefs, a philosophy, create the system clearly, pay attention to the detail.

2. Communicate the Plan clearly and concisely to the people you are leading

3. Trust – people need to know that they can trust you to be consistent and fair

4. Management of self – being able to be self critical, and honest when you make a mistake

Coaching is both leading and teaching, to be successful you have to do both.

Some insights and quotes:

When you win figure out what you did well and do more of that, when you lose figure out what went wrong and what you could do differently.

How can what you have learnt from coaching be applied to raising your children being a parent?

Coaching isn’t criticism but it can easily feel like that. Conveying that you are aiming to help them by giving feedback and your goals are aligned with them and not to be critical of them as a person is a fine line to walk a difficult balance to achieve.

Difference between being a manager and being a leader:

Managers do things right, Leaders do the right thing

The podcast is interesting in itself in how analytical their coaching process, how much they analyse their team, the other team and come up with a strategic game plan that then gets implemented practically with the team. Also about developing a team with enough flexibility to meet very different conditions as they play against different teams.

Here is the podcast

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